Thursday, May 12, 2005

Life is full of irony, especially personal and hidden ironies. Being a music snob is one of those ironies. How can someone so into music be so close-minded about what that someone loves? I once was a full-on music snob, even rejecting radio music simply because of the medium it spread on. How ignorant is that? Loving music isn't about technological bias, or sociological prejudice, its about learning to listen and letting the music affect you. and that's it.

(Aside: i was thinking about MediaMax, and how the music industry is uniquely protected from fan backlash by the simple fact that the product affects the consumer emotionally and therefore physically, given its good, and that allows the industry to pull this type of bullshit. peeps need their fix, yo!)

Hopefully I've shed most of the traits of my snobbery, but sometimes in the prescence of another music snob remnants spring into action. I'm trying, I really am. I liken this affliction to art critics who miss the point because they are so into the scene. Sadly, thus is the way of the Arts throughout history; the scene dictates. And since overcoming a consistent historical trend is beyond this individual, joining the scene is necessitated. Enter "The Rock Snob's Dictionary."


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