Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I've got a secret for you. I was sold by the first bent note into the double bass thump of "Sad And Lonely." Light your joint. "Nowhere Again" is solid, but better the second listen. Ditto for "Road Leads Where Its Led." "Pharoah's Daughter" oozes low and high. "You Are Chains" picks up right where the previous song leaves you: great album arrangement. You have to wait with the song, but its worth it. "Now Here is Nowhere" kicks. I dig the groove of "First Wave Intact" ; simple yet effective and I bet it translates really well live; a rump-shaker, so to speak. Yeah, that first song is a winner, and a bit Oasis-esque.

I never really new the 'genre' existed, but its possible I like stoner music.

Coldplay cookies.

Aqueduct. Intriguing. "Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights" is...don't ask. Ooh, nice drum break down. I like. "The Suggestion Box" has a nice, rolling piano riff. Same with "Heart Design", but with a nod to Mr.Folds. More please.

It's Ryan Adams time at glide.

Kinski kicking it. Yum, instrumental. [via]

Innaway's Rise sort of sinks, except for the good part.

and I guess this contraption is making inroads in the new world. Back when the decks were spinning more frequently, I saw its forefather and I drooled over the thought of scratching YOUR own wax...and I'm still salivating.


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