Friday, June 03, 2005

ok, i'm feeling a bit optimistic. about hockey. for the first time. feels like the very first time. well, at least in a while. and since this blog was created as a distraction so i wouldn't torment and annoy spofites with venom that really isn't meant for them, and said venom has receded quite a bit, maybe some puck talk would do me some good.

offwingeric finally gets the props i've been trying to spread for years, and here's another example of why I think so: the first l'ockey carnivale at offwing. Can't wait for his morning recaps to start up again.

the bird has some intriguing news concerning jaromir's bloated contract. Seems the caps and rangers will be splitting the bill, and after the rollback that is on the table, jagr's cost seems comically appropriate at $4m and change, given his frequent injuries, lack of consistency, and one-way play. (he did look like he found a home with the blue shirts last last season though)

canuck cubby hole is a daily must. Tom's irreverant and well thought-out musings are a delight. He's off-beat, like me, and thats tough to find on the regular. He's been anti-league for a long time, and has provided a virtual buddy to stick out this bullshit with. many thanks bro. now would ya send some bc kind my way?

Jes, well, he's kept hope alive with his levity and humor, international coverage, and shit like this. Did I mention he's a ukie too? Word up Jes! btw, my request for kind goes for you too.

hockey ghost is becoming a more frequent stop, as he seems to weed through the canadian MSM pro league horse kaka. he's tough to link to, actually impossible, but here's a sample;

the Toronto Star's Damien Cox claimed the PA was never interested in conducting a joint audit of the NHL's books and never had any interested in establishing revenue, and are only know doing so because the owners held firm throughout the lockout.

Yet according to NHLPA director Ted Saskin, in an interview I conducted with him last summer, prior to the lockout, the PA tried to establish league revenues several years ago.
Which is what got me on the players side to begin with; the league used bogus revenue figures to justify the lockout, which the PA disputed and wanted to verify...and all the league did was pay someone to agree with them. Phooey! So yeah, i dig Slimer.

Mirtle, apart from rhyming with my Mom's birthplace, needs to write more. the man has got more to say, and i'd like to hear it. Especially his thoughts on Tasca's take of journalists vs. bloggers.

and this hack can suck it. (don't click on the link), just check the properties. don't want to give this guy more of all he wants; click throughs. mofo can't even keep a piece up that actually draws some legitimate attention. what a punk. and yes, eklund, if you're reading this, im blow-torch flaming you. no apologies.


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