Tuesday, June 07, 2005

rat serenaders and a few insects

PlatinumPiedPipers - another class act from Ubiquity. And given my affinity for King Britt aka Sylk, {as SCUBA} sounds, his quote "PPP is my fu@*%ing sh#*" seals the deal, despite its nonsensical nature.

KB is also the genius behind Digable Planets - who, as luck would have it, are about to tour and have a 3rd album coming out. On the solo front, Mecca, is well, not ready yet, Doodle is Cee Knowledge, and Butta, he's got Cherrywine, which apparently has cocaine coming. what a party. what a headache.

On a somewhat related note, The Herbaliser, whose WhatWhat is not Ladybug, but is now Jean Grae (who also raps for The Generals), has a brand spankin' website to go along with their brand spankin' album, but sadly no U.S. shows. Thanks George.

Note to self: get "Re-Members Only (Six Degrees)" - its "an album that flows like a dope mix tape from a bygone era of Britt's own imagination."


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