Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Strongest Man in the World" by Menomena [via]

"You Don't Know" by Peter Grummich [via]

"Once Again" by 2Mex & Squeak E. Clean [via] more here.

"Kirsten is a Fuckmachine" by TigerTunes [via]

"The Difference It Makes(superpitcher remix)" [via]

"Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix)" by Death From Above 1979. [via] - give it two minutes. you'll be glad you did. 2:05 to be exact.

"Beta (3am Mix)" by BT more

...and for the record, the whole 80's revival thing has its highlights, but it is also stirring up detritus from the depths of my memory that should have been left rotting, unnoticed.


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