Sunday, August 07, 2005

Beastie Boys - 1998-07-08 Libro Hall Vienna, Austria

Set 1

1. Mix Master Mike Intro
2. Body Movin'
3. The Skills to Pay the Bills
4. Sure Shot
5. Egg Raid On Mojo
6. I Can't Think Straight
7. jam
8. Remote Control
9. Beastie Boys
10. Super Disco Breakin'
11. Do It Intro
12. Do It
13. Three MC's and One DJ
14. Time to Get Ill
15. Flute Loop
16. Brand New
17. Ode To..
18. Song for the Man
19. Lighten Up
20. Time For Livin'
21. So What'cha Want
22. Root Down
23. Putting Shame in Your Game

Set 2

1. Intro
2. Paul Revere
3. Pass the Mic
4. In 3's
5. Sabrosa
6. I'm a Cliché
7. I Wanna Ride My Bike
8. Tough Guy
9. Intergalatic



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