Monday, October 31, 2005

McCabe - Immediately surrenders a goal to former teammate Gary Roberts via sloppy puck control 0:29 into the first. Attempts a couple more careless passes to Kaberle, but escapes the period only -1. Redeems himself later in the first with a diving poke check to take away a great chance for Nathan Horton. Apparently McCabe shit his brains out, or was up all night trying to. I've been there(thanks Thailand), and it is a more than fair excuse for not being sharp to start the game.

Stajan - Having himself a game so far. Hasn't made the score sheet yet, but is strong on the puck and is taking it to dangerous areas.

Kronvall - Now that is the way a defenseman is supposed to walk in the from the blue line as coverage breaks down; force the defense to cover you and then pass, if they don't, shoot. Real simple, but the Leafs blue line seldom can manage this basic execution. Transitioned down low to help with the forecheck, while Steen covered the point. I like the initiative. He also doesn't waste time setting up gaining the zone. So far, so good.

Wellwood - I'm beginning to take a liking to the kid. Asked during the first intermission how he has avoided the sin bin in every level of hockey he has played, "Playing pond hockey against older and bigger players, if I hooked, they beat me up, so I've never played that way. It isn't my game." And its true. He moves the puck up the boards with wit and quickness. He tends to coast when he has the puck, but he should break that habit with time. He also needs to look for his shot more. But he's got game, and that is his most promising attribute.

Berg - He can really buzz around his own zone at times, making up ground at an astonishing pace, which is a great asset against a low-cycling team.


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