Monday, November 14, 2005

How 'bout dem apples?

One day when he was talking to his agent, Wellwood mentioned that he would win the league's scoring title the next season. His agent reminded him that he'd be going head-to-head against some guy named Jason Spezza, but Wellwood didn't seem very concerned about that.

The next season, he was the OHL's top scorer with 118 points, two more than Spezza.

The kid's got game. If you saw his goal on Saturday, you know what I'm talking about. All Wellwood. Straight up the ice. Beauty, eh! Play him with anyone, and he'll produce. Play him with talent, and look out.

Allison on the other hand, "can't play centre ahead of Mats Sundin, Eric Lindros and Kyle Wellwood, can't play when he doesn't have the puck, and can contribute offence in power-play situations only."

I could do that.

"To date, the Leaf rookies, Alex Steen and Wellwood are out-scoring the highly touted Philadelphia rookies, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter."

"Hockey players commit the fewest violent crimes" according to the thinking man's comic [via]

And the number reason one to read this blog: "A recent roast of boxing promoter Don King got a little too real: "How come there are so few boxers here? Because Don King screwed so many of them they wouldn't come," said Donald Trump. "Let's face it. Don King is a good damn thief. He screws everyone he touches. He screwed me for years and I didn't like it."


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