Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So, the Leafs won last night. That in and of itself is news.

The Leafs also came out and played a good first period, winning the first period despite going into the break tied 1-1, though it easily could've been 0-0 and I still would've been pleased. Indicative of their dominance was the shot count, 13-4 after 20 minutes. After 60 they were outshot once again, but I'm looking on the bright side today, and perhaps shots early in the game count more in a deeply abstract and metaphyiscal sort of way.

Going down to injury was Domi, who may need to take a few games off, regardless of the severity of his ailment. His dump and chase ploys are tired and effectual of late, and misdirected enthusiasm won't get us anywhere.

Regulars not playing last night were Lindros with a wrist owwie and Belfour with a sore...what for it...groin. Inserted were Wilm and Tellqvist. I think Quinn should ride Telly, irregarible of Eddie's bread basket, and see what the young lad can do.

To be honest I like the team alot better when we are short a star or two. The team tends to hustle as whole, play with urgency in all three zones of the ice, and probably place more responsibility upon themselves individually to have an impact, rather than thinking someone else will win the game. This is as Freudian as I will venture to be in regards to hockey, but I think I have a point. The Leafs need a lunch pail attitude to be successful, and with all the healthy bodies they are out getting lattes at Starbucks and throwing down their platnium cards when they get another 5 on 3. Life in the NHL ain't that easy, and they need to get their learn on mighty quick.

Since I'm gonna be positive today, I see these three injuries as a good thing that can help the team realize how it has to play to be successful. And with several days off before the banged-up Senators host the buds on HNIC, perhaps they'll put some of this together and get a huge win.


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