Thursday, February 23, 2006

Last Iraq Exit - Mosque Bombing?

I just had a scary thought. The bombing of a revered Shiite mosque and the subsequent reprisal killings of about 100 Sunnis might be the best news the Bush administration has heard in years. If things get bad and get bad quickly, the civil war could be used as a convenient excuse to leave the country, as "our prescence is no longer capable of establishing and maintaining order" or some such policyese.

And the news might be too good. This is purely speculative, but would the U.S. bomb a mosque to incite sectarian violence in order to establish an exit strategy? I wouldn't put it past the CIA, that's for sure.

I hope I'm wrong.


Blogger sevenpointman said...

What if we had ended sanctions after we fully knew in early 1996, that their were no weapons of mass destruction ?
What if we had stopped bank-rolling muhjadeen
thugs to carry arms to Afganistan to overthrow
the Taliban, and secure the oil-pipeline for our interests, in 1999 ?
What if we had listened to Saddam and the forty-or fifty experts who told us that Islamic fascism is the greatest threat to us ?
What if we had cut a deal-based on insisting on regular and random inspections and some movement toward democratic reforms for an aid package that could have offered enough profit
and immunity, so we could go after those indivdual miltary officiers and secret police,who were the one's most guility of acts of terrorism against the iraqi people? This would have avoided this insane oil-war and put a permanent clamp on the jihadists.
What if we stopped supporting the desert totalitarian theocracies that repress their
people ?
What if would have been a little more even handed in the Israel-Palestinian situtaion, instead of following a knee-jerk pro-zionist policy, in catering to a nuclear
threat ?
What if we had used at least one half of our three-quarters of a trillion defense-security
budget on the needs of our people ?

No Islamic terrorism.
No 9-11.
No Taliban.
No nuclear blackmail.
No more poverty.

This was our future-if we would have taken control of our past.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Roy-san said...

i agree. and this person thinks we are capable of much worse...


where is moulder when you need him...

6:05 AM  

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