Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Better late than never....

I've got some good stuff today: Sebastien Tellier. The track I was sent is "La Ritournelle" (The Old Story) off of his second album Politics, originally released in 2004, and re-issued IN 2005 due to high demand by recordmakers. And it is still tough to find 'round these parts. Global village say what?

Be patient with the track, as you would with any building rhythmic sound. The arrangement reminds me of Moby, with whom J.S. Tellier once toured. The classic strings set the mood. The climax is around the midway point, but worth the wait. And for those of you scared of the French language, the lyrics are in anglais.

Something to look out for is 'Electroma', the first feature film to be directed by Daft Punk, and which features Tellier on the soundtrack. That teaser is a slowly pulsing wave of sound and light. Groovy. I dug their music videos back in the day so I can't wait to see the film, due out in 2007.

Hold the phone... I just went to myspace and clicked on ‘Fantino’ and immediately recognized it from the compilation album ‘Source Material’, of "Musique pour un Enfant-Jouet" by Rob fame. Tellier's effort was one of the slower tracks, and admittedly it didn't make it to my personal 'hits' list on the album, but it was a grower.

So after that initial introduction, and reading about his substantial touring history, I happen upon this;
His label Record Makers had the intuition that he had arrived at an artistic peak as a live musician. So a studio was booked, and in one day, an acoustic session of all his repertoire was recorded together with pianist Simon Dalmais. The result is Sessions (launch Sessions) (2006)- an amazing album, intimate and essential. His songs are exempt from any arrangements outside of piano & guitar, and appear to be a collection of classics, in the tradition of the most gifted singers / songwriters.
and I'm sold.

Oh yeah, recordmakers also sent a remix by Jim Noir. Eanie Meany Miney GOL! (For those that get the spanish soccer reference, I wanted to add that I really liked the down-tempo ___-hop they were using for the Jose+10 t.v. ad. before they switched to what I would consider to be a more US sports fan demographic friendly pop/rock in Joir. Wankers) He can be found on Barsuk, who signed him this past May.

"Tell Me What To Do" is a beach blanket bouncer. I'm also digging "My Patch" and "Me You I'm Your"


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