Friday, May 20, 2005

fishing gear

When the bats are swooping all around and you want to try that woolybugger, the swiveling bulb mini head lamp, TALS hat light, LEDHedz or the sportsman's deluxe 'life time' flex-light. For those 'not so fresh' moments on the water - vest pocket tree branch hook system. In between stream trips calls for a Magnetic Rod Rack, and for the anal retentive fisherman - rod guard. Top of the line line. A testament to the green beader. Pistol Pete Flies. Good Deal on a nice neoprene-cuffed Wading Jacket. Shortie vest. Hump-bak midge. And for the truly lazy or beginner, just fill out the form.

The weather might look like shit, but I can't help but be excited. Roscoe, NY here I come.


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