Monday, September 12, 2005

Maple Leafs Training Camp Roster

I have to say I'm liking the hometown discount factor that afforded Ferguson the patience with which he has approached this free agent period.

In goal, we look good. Real good. If Eddie's back holds up. If not, we still have a former NHL starter who played for the defensive sieve that was the Pittsburgh Penguins at the time, and a solid prospect in Tellqvist.

The defence looks solid, mobile, and tough. I really like the Brad Brown pickup over the weekend. Maybe even Berg will start scoring on the regular. And what's with all the Bs and Ks? Brown, Belak, Berg, Bryan McCabe, Kaberle, Khavanov, Klee, Kronvall...? I think we need some Cs.

Up front, there are more questions, but the answers might not be as elusive as I thought a month ago. I expect some young'uns to make a big impact. Stajan, Wellwood, Kukumberg, Tenkrat, and hopefully Steen (Another Bergeron? I friggin' hope so). Maybe even Shinkar. If Quinn can get two break out seasons from this lot, combined with steady and positive play from Nik and Poni, and the newly signed veterans don't all end up on the IR, the Leafs should be ok.

Which is only ok, because winning the North East is the real goal after losing in the second round last time Lord Stanley was up for grabs. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Its early, and oh so much hockey to be played.

p.s. - the baby buds, even the one on a reality tv show, continue to impress.


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