Thursday, December 15, 2005

Developing countries, forced to liberalize by developed countries, have always been told that liberalization will deliver gains ... It is not too late for developed countries to swallow their own medicine
That is why it is called Free Trade.
The World Bank added its voice to the indignation expressed by least-developed countries over their treatment at the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting, saying there had been much talk about development but too little action.

"In the three days the meetings have taken so far, the rich countries have transferred more than $2 billion to their farmers in various forms of support," World Bank Vice President Danny Leipziger said in a statement.

"In the same period, the 300 million poorest people in Africa have earned less than $1 billion between them."
Bravo World Bank! In a capitalist global economy, the biggest capitalists of all can't protect their workforces with economic socialism.
The 25-nation EU says Washington must first indicate how it plans to reform its food aid system, arguing that -- because the aid is in kind rather than cash -- it amounts to as great a subsidy for U.S. farmers as European export subsidies.

The United States parried pressure from African countries to end its cotton subsidies, which they say are devastating their economies, saying that it could not take such a step without a move from the EU to open further its farm markets.
And the haves play games with people's lives.


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