Sunday, November 20, 2005


When not playing with eachother, either is more than capable of looking listless, Nik moreso than Alexei. But when paired on the same line, Quinn can insert anybody between these two agressive large ex-blocers, and you have a line capable of a very efficient fore-check.

The Pony express has been told to look for his shot primarily because his hands are lead when it comes to passing or anything less simple than putting the puck on the net. In the last 6 games, Alex has looked impressive, 2 short handed points, 5 goals, chasing pucks, pinning defenders on the boards and moving the puck to a team mate, and generally harassing the opposition into commiting turnovers.

Antropov has returned from a tough first month of the season in which he endured injury and the loss of his father and has regained his form alongside his good bud. And not a moment too soon, considering the atrocious five-on-five play of the Leafs. But now that these two are playing like the days of old, and the rest of the team isn't taking stupid penalities, Pat has his options open. Who will maximize the potential of their forecheck?

Allison is currently the beneficiary of having these two excellent forechecking line mates to camouflage his lack of speed. Though I do have to admit Allison looked great agains the Bruins in the first period, generating the first goal of the game. He took enough sticks to the face that night to have possibly earned the right to keep his wingers. Preliminary line name : PAA Line. Yeah, I know. That doesn't mean anything. Scratch the acronym direction for these three.

Lindros may be the next to benefit from the play of these two, and despite the obvious size advantage such a combo would enjoy, the playing styles may not mesh. Lindros just isn't as effective as a puck controller. He is more of a puck taker. But who knows, maybe a LAP line would besot themselves in points. Or is it the PAL line?

Personally I liked Wellwood between these two, but Quinn wants to test the youngster to see if he can produce on the fourth line, as well as keep the playmaker in reserve for a quick strike when special teams dominate ice time. How does the WAP line sound to you? Shitty? Yeah, me too. But this isn't about Kyle "Spezza who?" Wellwood, but rather the hydra-beast that is Antroponikarovsky.


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