Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lost musings

Ok, I've been doing a little reading over at Lostforums, and since I don't want to join, I'll throw up my own thoughts here.

There are more than one group of others. Others are the scientists who ran or are still running experiments (i.e. in the boat who took Walt). Some scientists may have put themselves into their experiments(Goodwin), thus existing as two types of others. This may or may not be a permanent shift in identity.

Others are also experiments themselves (Ethan, the ghostly feet, the shark - possibly psychicly controlled/connected by certain others), guinea pigs, if you will. Some of the experiments have been a success, while others have been a failure. Hence "quarantine." However I have no idea what is considered a success or a botched test on the island.

Each Dharma project has yielded a set of others with certain characteristics indicative of each particular project. They seem to possess powers, either physical or psychic abilities. However, these abilities are not omnipresent, or distributed to all of the others. The voices the stranded hear seem to be a result of utilizing some sort of projection that influences the mind. The physical strength of Ethan was not present in Goodwin. Who knows what other skills the various projects have bestowed on the test subjects.

There might be some cross over between projects, so some others may have attributes from more than one of the projects.

I watched this movie, supposedly highlighting the different projects, but some of the forum posters believe it to be a hoax. I do not know either way, and really don't care. The film blurs the line between project 4 and 5, by using the same logo, hence the above cross-over comment.

However, all the projects are part of an overall "initiative," so the others may be more integrated than this. Obviously, there are lot of possibilities. Some of the projects may not have gone wrong, so there may only be very few botched others. The successful experiments may be arranged as different units, all part of a larger organized "team", if you will, all with their certain specialties designed to achieve the initiative's goal, whatever the fuck that is.

I also learned last night that Canada is evil, or is a convenient cover story for the others. This general ignorance of Canada and its 18 citizens is a real drag on tourism.

There were some new leaks today, a press release about a 105 year old orang, dated 09/21/05, and Global Health Organization "cease and desist" (password: Copenhagen - entered when you click the link at the bottom of the text of the press release) order, dated 09/19/05, to Hanso Foundation for operations on Zanzibar. So the Hanso Foundation continues to operate, publicly, in Zanzibar.

That's all I've got for now.


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