Monday, November 21, 2005

To see the take in smooth-flowing water, use the Greased Leader Tactic. Coat the leader with a paste-type fly floatant to within six inches of the fly
Neat little trick.
When fishing downstream, the nymphing caster would employ the Parachute Mend to provide controllable slack that is fed into the currents to run the fly downstream without drag. Fishing across, the caster could choose a Reach Mend, a Curve Mend, a Curve Cast, a Hump Mend, or various on-the-water mends to defeat drag. Fishing up, or up and across, the angler would choose a Reach Mend, a Puddle Cast, or a Pile Cast to eliminate the onus of drag. Dry fly tactics one and all.

Uh, yeah. More instruction is needed.
Early anglers saw "spotted" fish (certainly brown trout) jumping for insects that darted back and forth over the surface (certainly adult caddis flies), and dressed patterns of red wool that even today, nearly 2,000 years later, would fool fish.


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