Thursday, November 03, 2005

This is getting ridiculous. Ryan Miller goes down with a broken finger. Manny Legace tweaks a knee. Brodeur does the same. Raycroft, hamstring. Nabokov, out with an upper body injury. Toskala, groin. Burke, groin. Cloutier, concussion. DiPietro, bruised knee. Boucher, groin. Huet, ACL. Nurminen, career over. Lehtonen, groin. Most of these goalies didn't play last year, due to the lock out. Miller did. Maybe his injury is due to rule changes regarding goalie equipment?

UPDATE: Miller broke his thumb on a harmless dump in that tried to direct to the corner, but it missed the blocker, smacking his thumb. Tough luck.

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UPDATE: SI article on the dangers of the crease


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