Monday, December 19, 2005

Biron is 'the man' now!

Since I consider the Buffalo Sabres to be the only team with multiple viable options at the goaltending position this NHL season, I've been mulling the trade possibilities over; who do they move, and where does he go? This is primarily about part one of the problem.

Mr.HockeyBlog himself, along with several commenters, sees Biron being the one to move out of the snow belt. I found this surprising given Tom's meticulous attention to value of a player relative to salary, return on investment and the rest of what comes along with the new CBA. But conventional hockey wisdom seems to agree that the Sabres should trade away the player they have developed over several years in order to clear cap space and give Miller his chance. But I don't see it that way.

With Miller, the Sabres can trade away a starting goaltender to a cap-strapped team, i.e. a wealthy and play-off hungry team, and presumably raid the kitchen cabinet in return, all the while retaining the services of Marty Biron. I would assume SabreRattling has thought about this situation a tad more than I have (especially since I have to ponder whether Belfour should take a rest and see if Tellqvist can handle the weight of Leaf Nation), and he and his wife have arrived at a similar conclusion; Biron is the man now.


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