Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All it takes is a little push

Well, I've been pretty inactive on this blog for a while now. Shame on me. My apologies to all of my fan. What sparked this return to the dojo? I was surfing over at one of my favorites,, and again their commentary on The Raconteurs didn't ring true with me. They have a quick review of the 09/26/06 show at the Roseland that goes as follows:
These Raconteurs have a story to tell: they are one of the most exciting, tightest bands playing today. And put on one of the best shows of the year.
Sounds like a good show. And it was. But "tightest" would be about the last adjective I'd assigned to their drug-fueled over-fills and off-timed coordination. But that is part of their charm, and comes part and parcel with Jack White. But reading blurbs like this make me question my level of trust in glide. Their download section is still pretty cool, though.

But more on the show. I could've left after the first song, as they opened with what a buddy would call "my jam", 'Intimate Secretary'. The distorted fade-in lended itself beautifully to start the show. The break beat intro ain't too shabby, and then the power guitar.....mmmm.....followed by the snare fill. Delectable.

The drummer was amazing. I had no idea going in that I'd leave impressed by the dude on the kit. His play was energetic, and at some points actually took over the sound. I'm a percussion junkie, so I loved it. The nerdy spectacled bassist played another 'in the family' role for Jack White, as he was referred to as "Little Jack" as in little brother, the entire evening.

Brendan opened some eyes, as most fans are via the White Stripes. He lends an essential folky melodic integrity to the mixture, which I sense is lost on more than a few White-heads. Oh well. You gotta learn to live, and live and learn.

Jack was awesome, though I was disappointed with the ultra fast strum part on 'Steady As She Goes.' But it was great to see the guy wail from much closer than when I saw him at Cyclone stadium.

I'll have some new music stuff up some time this week.


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