Friday, December 08, 2006

Seeq, and ye shall

Alright, alright, I know I've been slacking with the musical content. That might be changing in the near future if my other blogging pursuit frustrates me much more. But enough about the Leafs blowing leads in the third period.

This morning, my inbox greeted me with an email from someone at Seeqpod, a groovy site new to me. To use a high tech term, Seeq "crawls" the interweb for music. I'm not sure what that means, but it seems to work.

A band I've been meaning to highlight for months now is Mute Math (myspace/wiki). If you dig Sting's voice and vocal stylings, you'll immediately develop a soft spot for this band.

(ok, this is when you are supposed to go search 'mute math' at seeqpod....I'm waiting. ok, add the tunes to the playlist, and press play. You listening? cool.)

Check this presser description: The four piece (originating from New Orleans) has scattered influences that are apparent without being obvious, and touch on everything from DJ Shadow styled beats (HELLO!!!), moments of beauty and grandeur a la Bjork, and vocals that pay legitimate homage to Police-era Sting. When asked about this vast expanse of musical territory that we are asked to find them dwelling within, Meany (vocals/keys) replied, "I blame it on the past forty years of music." They act on the idea that their magic is to be found in the mixture of countless thoughts. Their live show thrives on this random energy too involving homemade instruments, live sampling, a junked-out keytar, and enough dizzying energy to make the hardest cynics wet their pants.

And for anyone who knows me, this chaotic harmony of musical tastes has been my personal philosophy on tunes ever since I figured out being a music snob was lame. I haven't heard the entire album, but its on my 'must get' list. It should be on yours too.

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